The mould king is a modern Chinese toy construction company with many awesome designs ranging from cars to buildings. The firm has highly advanced technology and innovations and has established itself in the toy industry. Most of their design pieces draw inspiration from actual famous buildings, shows, or books. Mould king toys can be modified to fit customer requirements and are one of the best-selling companies in the market.

Apart from their cool-designed toys, their prices are reasonably affordable compared to other toy sellers. This factor has enhanced their popularity over time, and they produce new and fantastic designs for their fans each year. Their toys come in pieces similar to lego and require you to assemble them to make a cool toy.

Cool Best Selling Mould King Designs

Although Mould king has a wide range of toy collections, some outstanding designs receive more love and attention in the market. Here are a few cool Mould King designs we think you’ll love.

1. The Mould King Attack Cruiser

The Venator class attack cruiser is a perfect gift not just for kids but also for adults. Mould king large design model has over 6000 pieces and will make a great piece in your or your kids’ collection. It can be a fun project for families to assemble the pieces.

2. The Harry Potter Magic Store Design

This piece contains 3468 pieces and can suit people who are into fiction movies or books. Most people have watched or read Harry Potter, which makes it an even great design to construct. It can be quite challenging to assemble all the pieces correctly, but it is worth the time and money.

3. The Typewriter

As the name suggests, the building of this design should be in the shape of a typewriter. It can be a learning experience and more than just fun for kids and teenagers.

4. The Mould King TA-TRAL Truck

Mould king provides this super awesome truck with a mobility element, making it ten times more incredible. It can be remote controlled with approximately 3600 pieces to assemble.

5. Mould King Starbucks Shop

Buying this design will be an opportunity to teach your kids about modern architecture, design, and structuring. It has 2728 pieces and is great for kids or adults who are into construction and modern architecture.

6. The Magic Train

Like the truck, this design is remote-controlled and can be put on the provided railways that kids can use to play. While assembling the pieces, you will be able to learn about the structure of the train, among many other essential aspects.

7. The Power Racing Car

The Mould King Car is colored red and can move after assembly. Many kids, especially boys love toy cars hence will make a perfect gift for any male, whether a kid or an adult.

8. The Big Bang Theory Central Perk Building

The Big Bang Theory show is a popular show loved by kids and adults. Assembling the pieces will be a fun activity to build your favorite show’s elements while going through some episodes of the show.


Mould King has many toy variations, and you can find something that completely suits you. Their designs cater to adults and kids and will make a perfect gift or a fun family activity. The Mould King toys are a must try and will give you value for your money while providing a learning opportunity for your kids.


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