The market features different types of wigs, like synthetic wigs human hair, and semi-human hair. Human hair wigs are the most sought-after type because they offer incredible qualities. However, the market features several fake human hair wigs. For this reason, this post discusses tips for finding authentic human hair wigs.

How can you tell if a human hair wig is authentic?

One of the most significant challenges you may face when shopping for human hair wigs is telling apart fake from authentic products. The following are some ways you can tell if the wig is genuine or not;

1. Start by checking the price

One of the most effortless ways to tell if a wig is real or not is by checking the price. Human hair wigs are naturally more expensive than the latter. Therefore, some sellers will go out of their way to provide cheap products. However, while doing this, some will go as far as to place face labels on their products. For instance, they may place a human hair label on a semi-human or synthetic hair wig and sell it at low prices. This way, they can attract clients with their low prices. This is a clear indication of an inauthentic product. If you realize that a product is suspiciously too cheap for the quality it claims, it should be a warning sign. As the saying goes, when the deal is too good, think twice.

2. Use the vision and touch technique

You can also distinguish an authentic or fake human hair wig using your touch or vision. You can tell a fake natural hair wig by looking at it. The first visual indicator of an inauthentic wig is the color. If you look at the color under light and notice an unnatural brightness, it is proof that the hair is manufactured. You can also tell apart the hairs by touching them. Human hair is usually smooth to touch. On the other hand, synthetic hair or processed hair can feature an impetuous feeling.

3. Try the water or burning test

You can also use the water test to check if the hair is authentic. Here, all you must do is apply water to a few strands of the hair using a spray bottle. Natural hair tends to curl or wave when it is wet. Therefore, if the hair curls after being hit by water, it indicates that the hair is real and vice versa.

On the other hand, you can also use the burning test. Start by plucking a strand or two of hair from the wig. Then burn it and see what happens. Human hair always curls up into a ball and catches fire immediately. On the other hand, processed or synthetic hair will produce a smell like burning rubber when it catches fire.


Finding real human hair does not have to be as challenging. For instance, if you shop from an authentic brand, you need not worry about testing to check if the hair is authentic. Therefore, it would be wise first to find a good brand seller.


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