Portrait of a young mixed race woman woman with a blonde hair wig

A 613 blonde wig is not only beautiful, but it’s a wonderful piece of artwork. The color is very different and noticeable, but the natural look makes it a little bit confusing for admirers of your hair. Getting a 614 blonde wig may cost you a lot of money, but that is not the only money you will need to spend. With a 613 blonde wig, you need to maintain it properly. The first step of maintenance will be to regulate how frequently you wear the wig.

Another step for maintaining your 613 blonde wigs is to wash the wig properly. First off, you must ensure that you’re using quality shampoos to wash your synthetic wigs. Also, you must ensure the shampoo you choose shouldn’t be one that affects the color of a wig. Remember, the natural beauty behind a blonde wig is the color. Hence, when you mess up the color, you may end up with the wig.

Blonde Wigs can either come as natural human hair or synthetic wigs. The way to wash a blonde wig made of human hair is the same as washing any regular wig. But for the synthetic option, you can’t just use any shampoo on the wig – if you want it to last. Recall that the wig is already made of artificial materials so that a harsh product can cause reactions. Here are the steps to wash a synthetic blonde wig;

Buy a synthetic hair shampoo

The shampoo you can use to wash your natural hair is not the right shampoo to use for a synthetic wig. There are some shampoos specifically made with the aim of flying synthetic hairs without any reactions or quality drop. An excellent synthetic shampoo does not contain any form of alcohol. Also, the synthetic wig shampoo shouldn’t wash away the color of the hair.

Prepare the hair for the washing process

Before you wash a synthetic wig or any wig at all, you should ensure the hair is in its best condition. Firstly, check the hair to see if there are any entanglements in between. You can do a quick check with your hands, but to be sure, you should use a wig brush to comb the hair carefully. While combing, if you notice any tangles, you can fix them.

Prepare the shampoo mix

According to the specifications from the manufacturing company, mix the shampoo in a bowl of cold water. The bowl you are using should be wide enough to contain your wig very neatly.

Immerse wig in the water and wash

Turn the wig the other way round so the shampoo can get to all wig parts, including the wig cap. After that, immerse the wig into the bowl entirely and wash gently. If you scrub the wig, you’ll end up with tangles, and if you want to wash the wig cap thoroughly, you’ll end up expanding the wig cap. After washing the wig briefly, allow it to stay in the water for three minutes and rinse. Ensure there’s no shampoo left when you rinse.


If you have followed the steps above, you will wash your synthetic blonde wig properly. After the washing process, ensure you dry it under natural conditions. It may take longer, but it is the best option.


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