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Buying drying racks for dishes is more work than people assume. Many people assume that you have to choose an appealing rack with ample capacity, and you are good to go. However, this is not the case. The drying rack material is also worth considering. The best drying rack manufacturers, like Pusdon, supply products made from different materials. The company specializes in over-sink dish drying racks. This means that you have to consider the qualities of different materials when picking the best rack for drying dishes. This post discusses the top drying rack material qualities you have to look into.

Qualities of the best dish drying rack materials

One of the top factors to consider when picking dish drying racks is the material from which the rack is constructed. There are various material options on the market. When choosing the ideal material, you must consider the following qualities;

1. Strength

Remember that the primary role of a dish drying rack is to hold dishes and utensils so they can drain water and dry after washing. Therefore, a good drying rack should be able to handle the weight of the dishes and utensils. The strength of the rack is mostly influenced by its material. The strength of the material used to make the racks directly translates into the rack’s strength. Therefore, when selecting the best material for your drying rack for dishes, it would be wise to consider its strength.

2. Durability

Other than the strength, it would help consider the material’s durability. You do not want to keep going back to the store for a new rack. A durable dish drying rack should be rust-resistant. Note that the rack will constantly be exposed to water, which causes rust. Note that the construction of the dish rack can also influence its durability.

3. Ease of cleaning

The ease at which you can clean your dishrack is also a factor to consider. The material affects the comfort at which you can clean the rack. For instance, stainless steel drying racks are easy to clean because they are smooth. The same thing cannot be said about wooden drying racks.

4. Safety (for the utensils and users)

The safety of the material is also paramount to consider. The material should not contain elements or chemicals that could contaminate your dishes and utensils. If such a thing happens, it could significantly harm anyone who uses them.

Additionally, the material should be safe for your utensils. For instance, the material should not scratch your utensils. It should also hold your utensils properly to keep them from falling and breaking. This is why wire dish racks are not popular, as the wire can damage the utensils. In addition to the safety of the utensils, you must also consider the safety of the users. Choose a rack whose material cannot injure its users.


Stainless steel drying racks are popular because they meet all the expectations listed above. However, other than stainless steel, there are other incredible options like bamboo and plastic. In addition to the qualities above, you must also consider the construction of the dish drying rack.


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