If you head on to UGreen.com, the number of car phone stands and other accessories you will see will surely surprise you. To show you the level of their innovations, Ugreen as a brand has a phone stand for bicycle users. So if you love to cycle and want to time yourself, you can calculate the time spent on the road cycling to check your endurance levels. This guide will explain the reasons to Choose The Ugreen brand for your car phone holder business.

Best quality

Quality is all that should matter first when picking a car phone stand. Phone stands are one of those devices you do not exactly take all the time to buy. You should buy a phone stand once every five years or more if you have good quality. Ugreen is one of the few brands offering assured quality amongst all of their phone stands. Moreso, they give you a truck full of options to choose from when you want to buy a phone stand. Hence, you get to pick a phone stand based on what you need at the time, and what you receive is assured quality.

Classic brand

No matter how humble we are, we all want that tiny bit of class in everything we do. That is why we have eyes for that Ferrari, even when we can not afford it. Luckily, Ugreen is a classic brand that you can afford when it comes to buying phone stands. The brand puts more focus on making good quality that you can use over time than making you pay for bad quality regularly.

Simple and classic design

The exterior of a car is what everyone sees and admires, to say, “oh, I want that car.” But the interior of the vehicle is the one that gives the owner of the car some satisfaction and conviction that they really have a beautiful car. That is why regardless of the kind of accessory they need, they need something that will either complement or maintain the interior design of their vehicles. In the case of the Ugreen brand, there are many options to choose from for your phone stands. The good thing is most of these options are designed with functionalities in their heads. The goal is to make it usable with the most simple and classic design possible. So you can rest assured that your phone stand is not going to deface your car’s interior. Instead, it will add to the interior.

Unique features

Ugreen features innovations like a 360° rotation, self-charging phone stands, and many other innovations when creating their phone stand. These features ensure that the brand stands out when compared with other brands. What is more interesting is each of these innovations is translated into the designs of the Ugreen products; hence you enjoy the features.


Ugreen, This brand offers you many options with assured quality. So you get to choose based on what you need in a car phone stand. It is usually better to have this brand that you can rely on when you want to sell to others. That way, you will be getting lots of referrals.


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