When it comes to cleaning, the pressure washer pump is in charge of the PSI. But does forceful cleaning mean the same thing as effective cleaning? Most people would disagree. And you can read on ahead to see why. These are some of the most fan-favorite additions for Giraffe Tools pressure washing pumps on the market.

What are the Best Additions for Your Pressure Washer Pump?

Wand Extensions

Sometimes, you can see the dirt, but your Giraffe Tools pressure washer can’t reach it. Even with the highest ladders and the best spraying tips, you may not be able to access what you’re attempting to wash. However, it’s an entirely different situation if you have a wand extension. These are light aluminum tools with lengths ranging from 6′ 5″ to 24 feet. Let’s say you’re pressure cleaning siding, and you can’t get the mold out of the top-most corners. Bu with the help of this accessory, you most certainly can. All you have to do is attach the extension wand to your washer and go after the filth.

Extension Tubes

An extension tube, similar to the wands above, helps you cover a lot of ground. This attachment is ideal if you need to be more active while cleaning. These hoses are available in 50, 75, 100, 150, and 200-foot varieties and can manage a broad range of PSI needs and temperatures.

Also, most extension tubes are chemical and temperature resistant, which adds to their endurance. And last but not least, this accessory comes pre-constructed with screws and fasteners.

Pressure Cleaning Nozzles

You can aim for water where necessary if you have a selection of pressure washer nozzles. Therefore, you may search the market for such spray tips. The appropriate nozzle is essential since it increases washing force and decreases cleanup time. It also provides you with a wide choice of features and applications. So, if you search through internet distributors, you might be able to get the precise nozzle you seek.

  • Multi-function spray tips: If you want total control over the washing equipment, you simply can’t go wrong with this one. Thanks to the different settings, you can wash surfaces with varying angles, regulating pressure at the same time.
  • Spinning spray tips: With the use of this nozzle, there’s no surface impact while you complete washing tasks around the house. And the best part is that it can offer a broad cleaning angle as well.

Pump Saving Solution

This unique aqueous solution is ideal for keeping your power washing gear in proper working condition. Pump savers are beneficial for flushing out damaging built-up substances, such as mineral deposition, in the same way as plumbing lines require snaking. The solution is suitable for all surface cleaner machines and protects valves and pistons. Other than that, this attachment safeguards your equipment from freezing weather when you’re all set to put it away for wintertime.


When it comes to cleaning around the house, water alone can get the job done in most cases. But if you want to take it to the next level, detergents are the perfect cleaning agent. Moreover, they are safe for the environment, which gives you all the more reason to buy them.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about the different pressure washing additions available in the market try not to shy away from using them.


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