A hat and a cap are two different types of headgear. While both can protect you from the sun or rain, they serve different purposes, so it’s important to know the difference between them.

Hat vs. Cap

The most obvious difference between china hats and caps is their size. A cap is smaller than a hat, and it rests on your head rather than covering it completely. A baseball cap is the most common style of cap because it fits easily under a helmet while still providing protection from the sun. Other styles include bucket hats, which have a wider brim than other caps and may be made out of straw or paper; motorcycle helmets, which also have an adjustable chin strap that keeps them in place; flat caps (also called fedoras), which are rounded instead of flat; newsboy caps (also called ivy caps) with flaps on either side that hang down over your ears; tam o’ shanters (aka Scottish bonnets), which are similar to flat caps but have a knitted top and no flaps; porkpies (aka bowlers), which are rounded like flat caps but feature two buttons on either side; and derbies, which were originally made in Derbyshire England but today come in many shapes and sizes.

When to Wear Hat or Cap?

HAT: Is more formal than cap, even though both may be worn with suits or business attire. The hat has more panache than a cap and looks more elegant with evening wear. It also gives you an air of authority, which makes it ideal for business meetings or formal occasions like weddings.


Has no brim and is worn as an accessory mostly during sports events, but it does not have the same panache as a hat does. You can wear any color cap as long as it matches your outfit (such as white when wearing black).

If you want to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, then consider buying hats with large brims that cover your face, neck and shoulders completely. Your cap should also be made from breathable fabric so that sweat does not build up inside it when it becomes hot out or when you move around too much while wearing it.


Can be worn anytime during the day, but caps should only be worn in the morning hours unless they are part of your uniform (for example, firefighters).

Wearing a hat can help show off your personality and style. Many celebrities wear hats as part of their signature look. Hats are also worn by people who want to make a statement about themselves or their beliefs. Some people wear hats because they’re just plain fun!


There are plenty of places where wearing a hat is frowned upon or prohibited by law. If you’re planning on going somewhere like a wedding or funeral, check out their dress code beforehand so you don’t accidentally cause offense.

You also shouldn’t wear hats in some settings where it would make it difficult for others to hear what you’re saying (like church), unless the hat is part of your religious beliefs — in which case there’s nothing wrong with wearing one!


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